Great Deal at Louis Boston

  1. I think they're going out of business because almost EVERYTHING was half off. I managed to snag a lilac box but they were pretty much cleaned out by noon. I wonder what will go in there? Now there is only Barney's for my BBag fix :sad:
  2. What!!!:wtf: I live in MA too! Darn- a sale! There will probably be nothing left! I can't believe they're going out of business!!!
  3. Me either. Thank goodness there's Barney's. They had a rouge First there today. It was beautiful. I think I love all the new colors except the grey.
  4. gina- you did your rounds today! LOL Thanks for the update!
  5. Their summer sale started today ~ you were there at the perfect time. I missed it. :sad:
  6. ^ You're slipping :lol:
  7. ginaf did you know what bbags they still have ? do you have the no.?
  8. To be honest I doubt there is anything left. I was there around noon and there were only a couple of origan boxes, some pony hairs and a few bags from their other lines.
  9. Anymore lilac box left? :graucho:
  10. Nah I nabbed the last one. It was funny because the checkout line went right past the BBags and people were spotting them and snatching them while waiting to pay.
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