GREAT day at the outlet! WOW!

  1. I got 3 things this morning at the outlet that are STILL available on Ok, I was on the hunt for a wallet to match brown, black, and khaki handbags...I got the PERFECT one at the outlet this morning! LOVE the inside color! I paid $119!!!

    Then, this was on my wishlist for my medium chocolate Carly...(I got it in Chocolate) For $54

    Then, I needed a black mini skinny for change....I got this in black for $23

    I am SO happy!!!!!!! I just don't understand why we are able to get things at the outlet that are still available online and in boutiques for full price so much less expensive??? I'm not I just thought that was odd...

  2. You did great!!!! :tup:You found some beautiful accessories!! I hope I'm that lucky tomorrow!!
  3. WOW, great deals!! That's a HOT wallet.
    Yea, the "showing up at the outlet while still on the website" thing has me perplexed too. It's basically convinced me that I won't pay full price for anything especially since Coach always has something new just around the corner and things are showing up at the outlets so fast lately.
    Great finds, congrats!!:tup:
  4. Wow! That is awesome! Congrats
  5. Oohh I love the wristlet! :tup: I know, I don't get it either.. Coach is so weird lately. Oh well.. I guess it just makes you not want to pay full price!! :p
  6. Ooh congrats on your purchases! I know it is so odd that coach does that! I hate to be the one buying one of the items full price and to find it in the outlets for a cheaper price. Oh well...But hey at least you got great deals!! Enjoy them!
  7. Those are great deals! Congrats on a wonderful outlet spree.
  8. What!? you got the bleecker capacity wristlet for how much? Oh my! Thank goodness I bought mines at my local military exchange when they had a sale. That is a excellent deal!!!!
  9. Congrats, LOVE the wallet!
  10. Congrats on your great finds! I really like the wallet. :dothewave:

    Not bad for Castle Rock, eh? I picked up a Large leather flap in Bottle Green and a wine leather capacity wristlet yesterday! It seems like they had nothing good for years (i've lived right by it for 8 years now) and for the last 6 months it's been great! Maybe that means Coach isn't doing so well?!
  11. Wow good deals! I love the Bleecker wallet! I woulda gotten that too, if I saw it at the outlet! :tup:
  12. i may have to be a copy cat & go get one of those wristlets myself... the buckle is why i love bleecker!
  13. Wow!!! great deals!!!! I paid over 70 for that same wristlet during PCE! I can't wait for the outlet by me to open up!!!!
  14. Not bad at all!!!! :yahoo:

    Oh, I hope Coach is doing ok....they can't go away or anything...I'm too!

    I'm about 15 minutes or so away from Castle Rock...I'm in Highlands Ranch! ;)
  15. Oh ya! Go get one!!! I thought this one would be PERFECT for Little Miss Chocolate Carly! She's going to be SO happy when she sees it inside her! LOL!:lol: