Great day at Leesburg outlet

  1. They had the Legacy plum suede bags! All of them! It was all I could do to pick which one, but I ended up with the wonderful Ali bag. I told the SA that I would have gladly paid full price for it when it first came out, but that nobody had one IRL that I could see, because it was exclusive to the NYC store (or so I was told by the Tysons Galleria SAs). So now I've got one at last, for a lot less cash. :smile:

    Then I saw the Patent Gallery Tote in cream, and although I'm not the hugest fan of that color (I much preferred it in mahogany) the price was so good and the style is just so cute that I decided to buy it anyway....but while I was standing in line, the same SA (who recognized me from my previous visits) came over and said that they had it in brown in the back, and would I be interested in that color? Would I? Are you kidding me?

    So she went in the back and got one out and swapped me for the cream one. Same fabulous price (20% off $179, marked down from $319 retail), in the color I absolutely love. (I've already got the matching mini-skinny, which I bought to make myself stop drooling after the bag itself. Ha.)

    They also had the embossed suede signature turnlock duffle in brown (the one with the fringe -- that's why I didn't buy it) and lots of the gold patchwork bags (which were tempting, but two bags was already too much, really). There were a few brown suede gallery totes, and they went fast. The place was a freaking madhouse, and the line went all the way to the far back corner (mostly because of the people who refused to stand remotely close to each other when they were in the marked line area -- grrr).

    Since I am on a official self-imposed shopping ban (with special emphasis on No! New! Handbags!) starting on New Years Day, this was a great way to get in one last Coach haul. I can't wait to wear the Ali tomorrow when I'm out at Tysons Galleria with my shopping buddies, so I can show it off to the Coach SAs there. LOL
  2. Oh damn I knew I should have went. I would have loved the patent gallery totes!! Congrats on all your new bags, sounds like you had loads of fun. Everytime I go, I end up walking out with nothing & it's kinda disappointing. hmm maybe I'm just not lucky anymore in the outlets LOL
  3. Well fwiw this was the first time I've bought anything there in months -- every time I was there it was completely disappointing. The only reason I was even in the mall was to return a travel tote I bought at the Tumi outlet. But I figured what the heck, there's the Coach outlet, and it's my last chance to go there for a while, so why not look inside? :smile:
  4. I love the patent tote!! what a steal (and a haul)!! post pictures!
  5. Darn! I went on the wrong day (yesterday)! I want a plum suede bag and a patent tote too! I hope they have some left tomorrow?
  6. oh mharvey - congrats on your treasures! those are great deals - you're so lucky !
  7. Do they still have the bordeaux suede stuff? Plum sounds yummy as well! I think tomorrow an outlet trip is a must!
  8. Wow - congrats! I have the plum legacy shoulder bag, but had to pay full price for it. At least I don't live anywhere near that outlet, so hopefully, I didn't miss out on any HUGE deals!
  9. No bordeaux suede, unless it's hiding in a box in the back. The mahogany patent tote was only in the back, so perhaps there are other goodies to be put back on the shelves after the shopping day has ended. :smile:

    I'll try to get some pics up later this weekend.
  10. I want the blue patent...Maybe a trip to the outlets tomorrow isn't such a bad idea but I have to go to Lowes/Home Depot & do some home improvement. Hopefully I'll have time to do both. I'm on a purse ban starting Monday so I have to get all that I can tomorrow.
  11. Drats! Hehe, I think I'm going to call them real quick tomorrow morning just to ask about bordeaux but I'm almost 100% sure I'm showing up there anyway. Thanks for letting me know!
  12. Congratulations!
  13. Congrats! Sounds like you had a great day at the outlets.
  14. Congratulations.
  15. ooh, everything sounds gorgeous!! can't wait to see pics!! :biggrin: