great danes and chihuahuas????

  1. I know this sounds crazy but has anyone ever heard of owning chihuahua's and great danes at the same time. I am asking because I have 2 chi's and really want a great dane. I hope no one slams me for this I am thinking this through and asking for others advise. Am I completly crazy???? I can't help it that the two dogs that I love are so severly opposite. Can anyone help me?? I would get one as a puppy. I am moving to a larger house and there would be more than enough room for one. I would wait till I was moved in and settled before I got one. Sorry this is so long I want to explain the situation comletely. So can anyone help me and tell me that I am only slightly crazy, LOL:upsidedown: :wacko: .
  2. no reason why you shouldnt but I would make sure that your 2 chi's are not scared of big dogs. Since the Chi's were there first I would bet that they would end up running the pack over the great dane too ;)
  3. Thanks. My girl chi is nervous around new dogs at first but she gets used to them, she is definitely the leader. My boy chi loves people, dogs, toys, bones, strangers (he is super friendly).
  4. I've seen many people who have large dogs as well as super small ones. I'd just be worried about the great dane being too rough with the chi's. Are they playful dogs? Do you think a new dog will make their life hell? I would just sort out all the aspects of that depending on the personality of your chi's. If you decide for it, it might be a good idea to get the Great Dane into training early on so that you can control the situation if you come into trouble. I'm sure they make for energetic puppies and it would be a handful no doubt.
  5. I have a male chi, a female pit bull mix, and just added an 8-week-old female american bulldog. :wacko:

    They are all doing well after one week. We introduced my two older dogs to the puppy at our vet (neutral place) and didn't see any aggression.

    My chi is taking longer to accept the puppy. He wants to play and interact, but since he's smaller, he can't wrestle and tug like our other dog.

    It can be done. Here are some pics:

  6. I think as long as you get the Dane as a pup like you said, it will be fine. :smile:
  7. Your chi looks like the bully of the bunch. Gotta love it! :tongue:
  8. :roflmfao: He definitely thinks he is!
  9. Thank you everyone for your responses. Freetoes your dogs are so cute :love: . Thank you for the pictures!!!
  10. [​IMG]

    I really like this one :yes: .
  11. OMG @ the dane! I really love them. It's so sad that they don't live very long. :sad:
  12. Thanks Krmkjk, I actually found that picture in a magazine a while ago and cut it out because I thought it was the cutest thing. This is something I am doing a lot of research on. I have to find the perfect dog/puppy and can't settle on one that could potentially hurt my little chi's. Thanks everyone for the kind comments.
  13. No worries.

    Big dogs are very kind with silly little toy breed dogs. The big dogs know they can knock the little guys out with a single swipe so there is no need to prove they are more Alpha than the dinky dog.

    My friends have an Irish Wolfhound (100+ pounds) and a pug. The pug is in Canine Dominance of the Universe until she oversteps the boundaries. Then the Wolfhound steps in, gives the pug a little paw-smack across the noggin, and creates World Peace. No big deal.

    Your big dogs will be kind and indulgent with your new little pup. Just give them some time together.
  14. I have a golden retriver and two miniature dachshunds. The golden retriver tries to play with the little dogs but she is really too rough for them to play nicely with. Dachshunds are known for having bad backs and she puts her paw on their backs. So my family is scared to let them play together because the risk of injury is too high. I would advise not getting the great dane because it will try to play with the chihuahuas and could injure them without meaning too. Unless of course you keep them seperated unless you are watching them closely.