Great dane has 15 puppies!

  1. omg soo cute. and 15? wow. mommy must be tired.
  2. There must be something in the water in the UK! Remember that Saint Bernard with 13 puppies??! :nuts:
  3. They are so adorable!
  4. 15 in a litter is A LOT!! they're so adorable!!
  5. Ohhhhh I loveee them!!!! Wow @ 15!
  6. WOW! And momma is so pretty, too.
  7. the little one at the end that falls asleep and falls over is HILARIOUS!

    man, my little girl was one of 8 english bulldogs and that's considered huge for their breed - i can't believe she had twice that many!
  8. Wow, unbelievable. They are such a pretty color.
  9. The mom is gorgeous!! The babies...are perfect! AWWWW!!!!!
  10. 15! Wow! They're all so pretty!
  11. Oh man.. poor girl, 20 hour labour !
  12. Mom looks in great shape! The one at the end falling over was adorable. :love:
  13. Aw I saw this on the news. The puppies are so cute, too!