Great customer service still exists

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  1. For the past year or so I've been seeing more and more posts about poor customer service from Coach, not to mention the decreasing quality issues. Maybe the bad things just stay with me more than the good but I admit that Coach started to lose its appeal for me somewhat. Last PCE I just bought a scarf and when I got the card yesterday, I wasn't sure I would use it at all. But then, Coach stepped up and changed my mind.

    First, I have a signature agenda in punch that I love. It's such a happy color! Anyway, the pen ran out of ink and I was less than enthused about replacing it with just a random pen so I emailed Coach to see if there was anywhere that they sold pens as replacement for agendas. I received a response almost immediately stating that if I would provide my mailing info, they would send me a replacement :yahoo:

    Second, I had a Gigi with a broken turnlock that has been that way for at least 6 months but I kept forgetting to bring it in whenever I was near a boutique. Finally brought it in yesterday when I took my stepson to the mall. The SA who helped me was fantastic! She was super nice and she even waived the shipping fee for me because she said something like a broken turnlock was clearly a manufacturing defect. She then spent a good amount of time showing me bags around the store even though I told her I wasn't buying until next week and even then, I'd probably buy at my "regular" store-the one I usually shop at as opposed to the more out of the way mall I was at yesterday.

    So....I'm feeling pretty happy with Coach now. See, it doesn't take much to keep me loyal, lol. Now I'm planning a PCE purchase...leaning toward the metallic Delphine but I haven't made up my mind yet :shrugs: Just thought I'd mention an example of GOOD cs.

    On a side note, the SA was quite impressed with my Coach knowledge. When she was entering my bag for the return she said something about the color being "gray" and I told her "oh, it's called clay." We went on talking about the old legacy line and turnlocks and she said they came up with the concept by looking at older designs. I said "oh yeah, Bonnie Cashin, blah blah blah". She was blown away that anyone would know that, lol. Then I told her about tpf, he he. Sooo, can't wait to get my Gigi back now!
  2. I believe that many of those ladies & gents working in retail are pure gems. (It's not an easy job!) There should be a "Be kind to a Sales-Person day"!
  3. that's great! I am so happy they sent you a new pen...I bet they'd charge an arm and a leg if they sold them, though!
  4. i totally feel you on how you've been reading about the customer service and how some things tend to stand out more than others. just as you said, the bad rather than the good. However, YES!!, i do believe great customer service does still exist and you proved your point tremendously. i hope some people take the time to read and absorb your post and maybe even have their minds changed or swayed. you had a handful of great experiences and i guess having you go through them proved much more than would hearing about them.
    ~glad to hear that you got your pen refilled for free! amazing! yes, i guess even hearing these kinds of stories makes me feel like i'm in your shoes and brings me back to them. oww, i hope your gigi comes back as good as new :smile:, lol, i love hearing stories of impressing the SAs. their reaction is so common but it always makes me chuckle. i guess it shows how serious about purses you are ;)

    ~so what are you planning for your next purchase?
  5. It's always good to hear stories like this, everyone only shares their horror stories.

    Glad that everything worked out for you :smile:
  6. Yay! I use to work in sales and it is a rough job! I think too many of us (guilty, yes I said guilty) can charge in lik e a bull in a china cabinent and immediately putting these folks in a defensive position...LOl!

    Go you!
  7. I've been fortunate to always have good CS so far. Both in store and at JAX. I called needing a replacement hang tag on my E/W soho duffle and they had it to me (free) within a week. :smile:
  8. I just emailed CS this morning about a replacement tag for my stitched hobo and they got RIGHT back to me. I should get my tag sometime next week. I have almost always had very helpful and nice SAs and Managers, especially at the Howell outlet.
  9. i think ive had mixed cs, i think it really depends on the person you deal with. and coach junkie, im not sure if it was you or someone else but i know ive heard someone mention the howell outlet at least a few times and everytime i see it i get excited and think its howell nj (next town over from me) and then i remember its michigan lol
  10. Glad you got such great CS, it's so refreshing to hear that!
  11. I'm debating with myself right now. I really, really want the metallic Delphine but not sure if I'm going to take the plunge or not. I'm also considering a burnt orange Ergo hobo or a dark denim leather Carly. Ah, decisions, decisions!

    My lovely replacement pen did arrive yesterday and it is perfect. Kudos to Coach!!
  12. bump. tooo many stories out there that are negative....let's read some good ones!