great customer service, great bag!

  1. so, i have to share this story! i ordered a mercer satchel from luna boston in amethyst and got it was a gorgeous color but a little lighter than i i called luna boston and i'm going to get the bag in black...they were SO helpful and the SA was wonderful! they even provided a return packing slip for UPS!!! so, i'll keep you updated when i get the black one, i can't wait, but it was so great to have such an awesome experience! btw...does anyone else own the mercer satchel and what do you think of it? thanks!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. Hi Song- I just got my Mercer Satchel in Ink from the HH sample sale. I got it yesterday and used it today. I really like the softness of the leather and the size of the bag- It's a perfect shoulder bag. The one down side that I noticed is that it's almost too soft, too slouchy. I have to try it a couple more times before my final judgement :p

    I hope you like yours!!