Great customer service experience at LV today!

  1. Hi everyone, I have heard and read about lots of stories of bad customer service at LV, so I thought i'd share my good one (since we seem to have less of those).

    I went to Selfridges today and because of all the sales on at the moment it was absolutely packed. The Louis Vuitton in Selfridges was really crowded inside and there were lots of people wandering around, so I had to wait about 5 mins for an SA. I'm 15, so obviously don't look like/am not a big spender, but an SA came over and once I asked for a Zippy Coin Purse she went looking in all the glass cases and checked on the computer and although they didn't have one in stock (:sad:), she told me which stores did have them in and which of those were open at the time (which was really helpful).

    I asked if there were any Black MC bandeaus, so she went and got me one, and while she was at the till sorting out the receipt, some people came over and starting prodding and touching my bandeau (kinda rude, in my head I was OMG-ing!), but when she'd finished adding up the receipt, she went over to the drawer and got me out a brand new bandeau - which was really sweet of her, and made me happy :yahoo:- and then she packaged it really nicely :biggrin:

    I just thought I'd share this little (long) story because it really made my day, even though the store was packed and I was buying a pretty non-pricey item (in LV terms), whilst other people were looking at the Suhali lockits and such, she didn't rush me at all and was really sweet and nice, and when she went and got me a new bandeau after those people had touched without me even asking - :biggrin: I thought that was really kind, yay for Louis Vuitton!

    ~As soon as she'd given me my shopping bag, this man rudely shouted at her "Oy, love, are you serving??" Which made me feel kinda bad for her, I wouldn't have gotten HIM a new bandeau hehe
  2. It's so great to hear about great service from LV-thanks for sharing!
  3. That is really nice. I keep coming back to LV b/c I always get great customer service and I don't think I look like a big spender either.
  4. Finally a nice story... glad you had a good experience... thanks for sharing :smile: and congrats on your new purchase!
  5. I'm happy you had a great experience.
    Congrats on your new bandeau!
  6. Is this the Selfridges in Manchester?

    Because the service there is always top notch!

    :biggrin:! Congrats on the purchase!
  7. That is wonderful to hear! I love hearing stories like this. And it is also wonderful that you, at 15, are so aware and appreciative of good service! :tup:. Kudo's! Some folks do not develop that sensitivity until much later (if ever!). :smile:
  8. Good to hear and congrats on your bandeau!!
  9. Hi, Thanks for sharing, which selfridges was this ?, manchester ?. Congrats on your purchase also !! :smile:
  10. Thanks for the kind comments everyone :biggrin: ! Oops, I should have said, it was the Selfridges in London.
  11. Great story and congrats on your new purchase!
  12. It's so nice to hear about nice people. Glad you had a good experience shopping at LV.
  13. Congrats on your new Bandeau!
    The SA's at selfridges LV in London are always helpfull & nice!
  14. Thanks! My parents care a lot about customer service so I think i've learnt from them what constitutes good service - smiling, helpful and useful - and bad service - surly, useless and totally ignoring you (ahem JJB Sports ahem). Hehe
  15. I love you for bringing a good story to this forum. There was a time when I shifted to Hermès because I was sick of all the negativity here.

    Thank you, and I'm glad you had a great experiens and a lovely SA. Stick to her next time you go shopping.