Great Customer Service- Exchanged for new!

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  1. This year for Christmas/25th anniversary, my husband got me a gold Love bracelet. Of course, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to wear it. He had ordered it from Cartier online. We followed the instructions exactly as to how to put it on and we were also mindful of advice he had seen here to tighten everyday for the first few weeks so it stayed on. However, no matter how often we tightened it, one or both of the screws would work loose. I assumed it was because I play tennis and wore the bracelet on my right hand, that was the source of the problem. After wearing it from Christmas through March, I took it off for a while because I was finding I would have to tighten it during the day. I started traveling with the screwdriver. I finally put it back on in June and in July we went to the Caribbean and it actually didn’t have to be tightened the whole time. I thought maybe the salt water had worked some kind of magic! Alas, shortly after returning, the screws would come loose again.
    In late August, we were in Atlanta (we live about 4 hours away) and I visited the Cartier store looking for a little help/advice on how to keep the bracelet on, short of glueing it. The Service person who helped me was very concerned and said he really thought it should go to New York to be looked at by the pros there for potential repair. It was expected to take about two weeks. However, after about 3 weeks I hadn’t heard and was getting concerned, but then I got a call last week from the store. Apparently, the bracelet was defective and New York had decided a complete exchange was in order! Because I was not in Atlanta, the store shipped me a new bracelet (and cleaning fluid)! I actually have not put it on yet, since my husband is out of the country and I want to put it on using two people, so I do not know if it will have any issues, but hopefully everything will be ok now.
    Anyway, long story short, I am super impressed with the Cartier service! I never expected a new bracelet!
  2. Amazing service! This definitely sounds like a defect for sure
  3. That’s awesome customer service! Congratulations and enjoy your new love bracelet!
  4. This happened to my friend’s bracelet too. After sending it for repair twice, they just replaced it for her. She did bring it back 2 weeks after her purchase though. Cartier does seem to provide good customer service.
    Glad you got yours replaced too.
  5. Well, good for them for admitting they sold defects. How in the world does a defect get into the store though.
  6. This is good to hear as I my boyfriend knows that when it is time to propose he is doing so with a Love Bracelet and we are surfers. Many of the women on the pro tour have Cartier Love Bracelets and I cannot imagine going out in the ocean worried that it is going to fall off!!! Btw, Happy Anniversary!