Great Customer Service @ Bob Ellis Shoes...

  1. Just wanted to share a recent exchange with Bob Ellis Shoes.

    The clasp started pulling away on my turquoise patent Lanvin Heroine bag I bought from them. So I called up, spoke to Richard, and he told me to send it right in, no questions asked and they'll fix it. So I sent it in on 7/07 and got it back today, 7/14, all fixed!

    Great customer service and they stand behind their merchandise! :heart:
  2. Bob Ellis Is Wonderful!!! :smile: Only The Highest Recommendations!!!!!!!! They Have Such Great Merchandise & Some Fabulous Sales!!! I Go In The South Park Store (Charlotte, NC) ~ All The Time!!!
  3. Ohh I love these store raves!! Great to know some stores still have excellent customer service.

    Thanks for sharing your story Greenie!
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