Great & comfy ballet flats recommendations??

  1. Any suggestions on great looking and comfortable ballet flats to wear with jeans? I recently bought this repetto flat but it doesn't look flattering on my feet... (looks like clown shoes on me!) :yucky: I have a pair of satin Marc Jacobs from last season but would like to buy another pair so I can switch around. Any recommendation will be great! Thanks!
  2. I was considering getting those same Repetto flats myself! Why do you say they look like clown shoes on you? Do they run big, or maybe wide? What size do you normally wear, and what size did you buy in the Repettos?
  3. Repetto runs true to size, but I think it's the straps that made the shoe a bit narrower than normal ballet flats. So it really emphasizes the width of the toes because it will stretch out a bit. For reference, I'm a size 6 and bought a size 36. What I really wanted was the Bolchoi style but no one carries a 36 for some reason. :sad: Perhaps you will have better luck!
  4. ^
    I bought Nine West ballet flats last week, and they were the most painful things I've ever had on my feet. I still have the marks to prove it! Maybe it is just because of the style that I bought but they were soft leather and they scratched up my ankles so bad!
  5. love lanvins, alaia & londonsole.
  6. Tod's or French sole - the best and most comfy! :yes:
  7. London Sole just opened a boutique in SF so I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. French sole, London sole, even Banana Republic
  9. London soles! They are uber comfi... =)
  10. I am waiting for the Jeffrey Campbell Love Ballet flats in leopard and the navy Tory Burch flats to come in. The mail is making me crazy
  11. I just bought Ferragamos and I LOVE them! They were my first pair of higher-end shoes, and they are just so comfy and the leather is so soft. Definitely better than all of the other flats I've tried. I also like Loeffler Randall designs, but I've never tried them on so I'm not sure how comfy they are.
  12. I tried on a pair of the Loeffler Randall flats (the Metallic gold snake-embossed one) and it's not very comfortable at all. Not much padding for your feet...
  13. London Sole (Pirouette) - I :heart: them all.
  14. If you like crocs, they came out with ballet flats. The flats are pretty cute and come in several colors.

    Crocs Prima Ballet Slip On