Great cocktail party word.. Metamerism.. and how it relates to my bbags

  1. Metamerism

    The tendency for color to shift in hue as it is viewed under different lighting conditions.

    used in a sentence... My ink city is metameric. Sunny days, shes purple.
    cloudy days, shes bluish.

    Good for me.. I have two bags in one! Bad for me.. DH still thinks they are two different bags! lol

    which of your bbags has metameric qualities???
  2. Hee hee...that's funny. My Anis bag looks different in various lighting conditions; sometimes dark, sometimes almost neon.
  3. Great word!
    Rouille is metameric! Dark red orange in indoor light. Bright burnt orange in sunlight. Love her!

    I wish you well,

  4. my navy is metameric... it's closer to cornflower in sunlight, and closer to an indigo-ish blueberry when it's cloudy.
    i have posted a lot of pics in the document b bag colors thread.:wlae: :yes: