great cobblers in NYC

  1. I couldn't do a search so sorry if this is a repeat but I'm wondering if there any great / inexpensive cobblers in NYC ?

    I work around WTC/Financial District (FiDi)/tribeca and i've only seen one place so far on Park Place but don't know if it's any good / cheap

    All suggestions are welcome =) Thanks!!
  2. i am dying to know too. a lot of people reccommend shoe service plus- i know that's where manolos reccomends people send their shoes- but i hate them. i think they're overpriced and they don't do the best job. anxious to hear what other people say.
  3. i just brought my shoes into arty's [i've heard amazing reviews for louboutin's]
    its a bit on the pricy side.. it cost me $155 for 2 pairs of shoes.. (2 red soles, dye, clean) but he's supposed to be the best
  4. oh woops i forgot to tell you where hes located

    hes between 7th & 8th and 23rd
    google arty's shoe service and it will give you the exact address
  5. In addition to SSP, I also sometimes use Jims on 60th b/w Madison and Park, although it takes a very long time to get your shoes back - average turnaround is 2 weeks.
  6. Oh there is also a cobbler by WTC that I used to use when I worked down there but I can't remember his name. Although this was many years ago, prior to 9/11, so I am not sure if his business survived after 9/11. He was basically a one man show, a sweet short Italian man. His shop was on Park Place so it could be the same place that you are referring to. I remember it was reasonably priced (compared to prices uptown).
  7. There is a great and cheap place on 12th street and fourth avenue - SW corner. Don't know the name, but they are much cheaper than the other places. I also like B. Nelson in Midtown
  8. has anyone tried cesar's? i was looking for a cobbler and looked at and citysearch, and the top two places they recommended, shoe service plus, and angelo's, got horrible customer service on citysearch. nymag didn't mention cesar's, but everyone on citysearch said they have the best customer service around.
  9. resurrecting this thread as I'm in need of two shoe repairs...

    I guess the threads I've read on the shoe forum about Leather Spa is pretty much "go at your own risk" so I'm bypassing that altogether.

    The two services I need are the heel of my manolo mary janes in light taupe color was damaged when it scrunched down the crack of a sidewalk. The other is the ankle elastic on my wedding shoes, in my avatar, keep falling off.

    Would anyone recommend their experience in manhattan for any these repairs?

    I've done a search and here are some places on yelp:Llyau, Andrade, Hectors, Dinos, Caesar, Arty' many!
  10. There's a great cobbler on wall st - a couple stores down from the Tumi store.
  11. Am anxious to hear people's opinions as well. Barneys recommended Leather Spa, but they get mixed reviews. I'd like to get vibram soles for my lanvin and other flats.
  12. The MiuMiu store on Prince St recommended Cowboy Boot repair at Prince and Bowery. The SAs say they take their shoes there. Anyone ever try them?
  13. i like Jims....very nice craftsmanship. and nice CS as well. it did take me a long time to get the shoes back. but totally worth the wait.

  14. Try Mina's on Exchange Place...It's one block from Wall Street. I went their once and they did a great job and will definitely go back again. i also saw a woman take her Jimmy Choos there and told the lady to repair them again so seems like they're great. Very cheap as well...I paid $8 to get my heels repaired, he also replaced the leather that came off my heel, and fixed the tips of my boots.
  15. I used to use Leather Spa, but will steer clear of them. I went to in midtown for stretching a pair of fendi boots. I think I will try arty's next because it is very close to my office.