great coach buys!!!!!!!!

  1. josie flats on sale 50 bucks :yahoo:

    legecy flats on sale 75 bucks

    tote outlet buy at woodbury commons

    lovely buy from a fellow tpf member
  2. Loooooooooooooooooooove the khaki/punch stripe tote!! I saw that on e-bay before and had to restrain myself!! How much did you get it for?
  4. where did you get such amazing deals???
  5. the flats are on sale in many locations i got the flats at coach store on 45th and madison ave in nyc then i orders the josie's for my mom from some store in mass. since madison ave didnt have anymore
  6. wow awesome deals...
  7. I saw that tote at the vegas outlet. How do you like it? Do you get a lot of compliments? I was planning on getting that exact same color. Nice haul!
  8. OMG I love your legacy and josie flats!!! They are gorgeous! :drool:

    Congrats on the fab deals!

  9. i have the sig. stripe tote and i love tote bags now i like that this tote has more side pockets to put stuff in like my phone!!!
  10. Congrats on such great deals.
  11. I really love the flats especially the legacy one. Are they comfortable to wear?
  12. :heart::heart::heart::heart::yes: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. OMG! Love ur loot!
  14. Love your great deals on the shoes!
  15. SO jealous about your shoe deals...congrats! Those Legacy flats are sad I didn't get them :sad:

    Gorgeous bags too!