Great Clear Handbag

  1. Last night while cruising the mall for bags.... I spotted an adorable little Michael Kors CLEAR handbag- but the clever thing was, it had a slightly smaller fabric bag inside, so you got the best of both worlds- a clear bag AND some privacy !!! (I tried to find a pic of it online but struck out....)
  2. Nice...
  3. Furla has a great clear bag -- that was designed for airline travel. It is gorgeous and very chic Italian. Online at Sorry, I don't know how to post pix yet!
  4. I am sorry but i really can't warm up to clear bags, shoes etc...I just really don't like the 70ies 80 ies stuff so much...hmmmm
  5. I'm actually looking for a bag to travel with at the end of this month and that Furla looks great, but $450 is too much for a clear bag for me. Any other suggestions for a cheaper price?
  6. BabyK, I agree that the $450 Furla is a bit much. I'm sure all these bags will be on sale for $99 in a little while. However, now that you've seen the Furla, I'm sure if you go to a department store, you will see bags that have the same good design. Chanel started the clear bag trend, and I think it will become very popular. Just watch, and remember, you heard it here!