Great cheap bags...

  1. So, we spend a lot of time talking about designers and saving and being on ban and all that stuff. What about instant gratification? I admit to being somewhat of a bag snob. It really has to "say something" for me to like a cheap-o bag. I either have to see the bag and immediately picture the outfit, or it has to have something that I find very unique, or whatever. I know not everyone here spends 1k or even a hundred on their bags. I fall into every category, since I try to remain an equal opportunity bag lover. Therefore, I thought it might be fun to try posting some of our fave bags under say, 50 dollars. That way, even those bag lovers who are not ready to run out and take the plunge into a bag that is more than their rent will have a lot of input. I am sure there will be a lot of "inspired" bags here, so if you recognize one, point it out. I personally cannot keep a mental file of every design by every designer. I like this one....just found it on Zappos....[​IMG]
    This is one where I see the outfit first. Wool "A" skirt in black or red, beige or black sweater, boots and this cute little bag. $43.95
    That is just my mentality when shopping. Anybody else do that or am I nuts?:nuts:
  2. That purse is cute.

    I like the fabric on this bag:

    Etsy :: Charmdesign

    It's reversible.

    $38-50 plus shipping


    reverses to:

  3. Hey, you can never beat a 2 for 1 with the reversible(though I always get lip stuff or pen on the inside of my bags)
    I also am throwing this one on there, since it is from my FAVE cheap store!! I think this looks like a cute bag that is inspired by the "kiss" bag. Not a real match but for 9.99, who can complain??!!!
    Since we already have several posts about the RAFE for Target bags up, I will not bother with those, but I think just baout every one of them would be included here!
  4. $9.99 eh? :smile: The price of this messenger I have my eye on is astronomical by comparison: $33-00 plus shipping:

    Etsy :: Small messenger bag - Brown cherry
  5. Faith make some nice clutches, that just about come in under the $50 mark. Chicky carried one (in red) to a wedding reception!

    Because most of them have no hardware, I think it's harder to guage their price.

    One of them is currently on sale (£15) and they all come in different colourways/fabrics:

  6. I am going to take this challenge!!!!

    Djgirl.... unchartered territory.....but, hey I am up for it.....might take me some time to come up with something.... less than $50, hmmmm, I'm on it!
  7. Fine, thanks pb! :flowers:

    How are you?
  8. The Moyna bags and Whiting and Davis bags when they're on sale are both sometimes around that price
  9. I usually end up with a new LV bag/accessory every time I go abroad, but the last bag I bought was this beautiful grey DKNY Town & Country Small Hobo ($145 at Really love it, and I'm getting the matching wallet as well! :love:
    dkny-town&country_small_hobo.jpg dkny-town&country_medium_carryall.jpg

  10. Oh dear, sorry to hear that!
  11. Someone here had recently posted a link to Wilson's leather, and I was surprised at their variety. In the past, they carried far fewer bags in far simpler styles.

    This bag lists at $88, but the stores commonly have sales of 25-40% or more off, so that puts it closer to the $50 requirement!
  12. Thanks djgrl! I love the idea of an under $50 thread. Especially if it's waaay under $50. :biggrin:

    Whenever I see something I like, bag or anything else, unless it immediately occurs to me, I force myself to think of what it will go with that I already have. If I can come up with at least two outfits that the item will improve, then I will proceed, but if what occurs to me is how great it would look with one or more other things that I DON'T have, then the decision I am making is not only whether to buy the item I am looking at right now, but also those other things, and those other things will also have to pass the "what will it go with that I already have?" test.

    This keeps me from buying something that screams for me to go buy something else, and on and on, and also prevents me from buying something, getting it home, and realizing that it is an orphan item - not plug-innable to any ensemble already there!