Great Cars !!

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  3. Cool
  4. 6 series is just :love::love::love:

  5. ^ i didn't know that they got 6 series. i though it was only 3,5 & 7.

  6. The 6 series is the Coupe on the basis of the 5 series. :yes:
  7. Aston Martin is my ULTIMATE DREAM CAR!!!:nuts::love:
  8. Ooooooh, those are great cars!
  9. The CLS is my dream car! sigh*
  10. Mercedes Benz SLR MCLaren is my dream car!!!!:yahoo:
  11. Quite a while back, there was also a very limited 8 series. Don't know if it came out in the US or if it was just a German/european thing
  12. Audi A8 W12 Quattro (12 cylinders!!) :nuts:


    Mercedes S 600

  13. I love cars. I actually just opened up auto leasing company. These are amazing cars. I wouldn't mind having one of these. My bf just got me an Infiniti FX and he is getting (I AM HOPING) and M6 but in black. It is such a hot hot sports car. I will just need to learn how to drive it and I will make him drive the FX. Hahaha <--- evil laugh
  14. The FX is cool too ! ^ either way seems like you will end up with a hot looking car. :yes: Good luck!!

  15. Careful, you'll get the boys on the E46 forum all hot and bothered. :rolleyes: :lol: