great carry-on/overnight luggage?

  1. me again..yup still with the same dilemma, but now I'm looking at actual

    so I'm thinking of the pegase 50, pegase 60 and Trolley 50 bosphore

    do you guys know if they allow any of the 3 above to be carried-on? or do I have to check it in??

    I like the size of the 50 cuz I do'nt put that much in my carry on anyway, but if I can get away with the 60 then that might be a better investment. I love the trolley bosphore..the side pocket looks really handy but the shape is a bit more awkward IMO.

    whta do you guys/ladies think?
  2. Sorry to say, I think that they are all too large now. They would have to be checked and I'd NEVER check LV luggage. I'd recommend the Carry-all or a Keepall.
  3. Carry-all

    Keepall 45/50
  4. The keepall is a nice size but make sure you get the strap if you decide to get one! Oh you are so funny... I say get the Stephen!
  5. oh i have the Carryall and i always take it with me when i travel. it's a great overnight bag too
  6. i love my keepall 55 so i reccomend it
  7. guys are funny! keepall isn't one of my choices but i might re-consider it. I thought it would be too small..but seeing some pics it might not be. i'm gonna check out the carry all too..damn i need an lv near me so I can see these things IRL.
  8. lol..sorry I keep changing my mind! i'm so undecisive :sweatdrop:
  9. I'm pretty sure the Trolley 50 Bosphore can be a carry-on. I'd get the exact dimensions and call the airlines to verify if it's allowed. But I love that one out of all your choices.
  10. Keepall 50 is a perfect size I haven't had any problems with it as a carry on.
  11. They can call be carried on, however, I would suggest the Eole instead of the ones that you mentioned. It's much more practical and it holds a ton. I would suggest going into the store and playing with it a bit. It is an extremely functional piece, very well thought out!

  12. None of them have to be checked.. They are all cabin approved.

    I would caution against the Carryall and Keepall (I own both) - They can get very heavy when lugged on your shoulder for any length of time. The Eole will allow you to carry it, if you would like, or roll it - It's nice having the option.
  13. I have the Pegase but i forget which size, not the smallest though it is the next size, and I do carry-on.
    Some people check-in the LV luggage but I would not, but that is just me.

    For air travel i would recommend rolling luggage. The keepalls can get very heavy and will do terrible things to your back when carried with a strap. Maybe opinions differ when you are a light packer which I am not . . . .
  14. ITA! :biggrin:

  15. oooh..eole does seem bigger! and better on the budget lol :graucho: