Great buy! Rachel Nasvik bag!

  1. I was recently in a resale shop about 45 min. from me, that deals in vintage and 2nd hand designer gear. They had a Rachel Nasvik "Penelope" bag in parrot green (Spring 2006) for 36.00!!!! What a find, and what a super cute bag! Yay me!:yahoo:
  2. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!! :yahoo: $36.00 is a steal!!!!
  3. Please post a pic! I was considering getting one of her bags on!
  4. Yes- post a picture I have no idea what the bag looks like!
  5. Congrats on a great buy!
  6. That's the BEST feeling! Congrats!
  7. Hi guys, sorry about no pic. Something's wrong with my camera in that it won't transfer any pics to my computer. I'll have to have hubby take a look. As soon as that's straightened out, there will be photos!
  8. Here is the Penelope.....I have the Nasvik Patricia satchel in brown and parrot them but paid a lot more than $36! Congrats on your super buy.

    Rachel Nasvik Green Penelope
  9. That is sooooo pretty!!! The leather looks so buttery soft!