Great budget bags?

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  1. Being a recently-out-of-college student, I'm still paying off student loans and I won't carry a really expensive purse day-to-day. Right now, I'm completely in love with my Rosetti bag from Kohl's. It's this one but in a light lavender.

    What are your favorite budget bags?
  2. That is cute! I'd love it in the lav :biggrin:

    Marc by MJ has some cute bags for less than the cost of high end designer bags :smile: I really like the blue drawstring they have out now.
  3. I agree with Noriko. It's cute!

    Budget bags? I'd say Coach. I really like some of their designs. I have some that I picked up from sales. Some nice Coach bags that I like go under $80 (sometimes lower). Plus they last long too! I have beaten up some of my Coach bags, but they still look great!
  4. Check out Francesco Biasia, my friend tells me that they (or he?) makes some great bags that are more affordable. There is also a great store in NYC (not sure where you live) but it is called Verve in SoHo and on the Upper West Side and they have bags from new up and coming designers. They are not cheap but are more affordable than the "it" bags - around $150-500. Also, check out, they have some cute more affordable bags. Finally, the Michael by Michael Kors line has some awesome bags that look a lot pricier than they are.
  5. The Rosetti slouch hobo in teal from Kohl's. It has an umbrella, shades case, and coin purse too.
  6. I am always on the lookout for chic and cheap bags. I usually post them up in the blog. It's very hard finding something cute for under $30, but this is one that I found.

    It's made by Candies and is available at

    Even if you do have all the money in the world to buy bags, if you're going out on the town and don't want to to worry about some fool spilling their drink on your bag, it's always good to have a few bags that won't break your bank if they get ruined.
  7. I second the Michael by Michael Kors line of handbags. They are available at Macy's and look very nice. They've got a little Kooba and Chloe vibe going on, without busting your wallet.
  8. Talking great budget/great value bags, just passed by Roots and saw a couple of cutes ones (Tuscany also comes in colour of the Natalie too). They are made with really nice soft grain leather, look nicer in real life. I never own a Roots bags but these one are quite nice on both the quality and price tags:nuts: .

  9. Wow!! Those Roots bags are actually quite gorg! Is that the Roots company as in Canadian?

    Whenever I have gone to Canada I always bought comfy Roots sweats and such for a few times I've worked out!!
  10. Well, it is indeed the Canadian Roots, as the article says, it is an expert in producing leather goods (since 1973) and they use all natural enviromental friendly dye. If you have a Roots in your town, you should go check out the bags. As I said, I never considered a Roots bag before but I felt it in my hands for the first time today, it's great. Hubby loves the price tag, I am going to order the coco colour but the colour of the Natalie is growing on me. The pictures do not do them justice. Sorry to be so excited, I have been looking for an every day leather bag that fits the budget as a housewife. The last bag I bought was LV Epi speedy 30 and that was before I got married and became dependent.:embarasse
  11. I'll have to look into them! I'm not sure if they are anywhere in the US, or just in Canada...
  12. I'm going to have to check them out, Very cool indeed.