Great bronzer powder - your recommendations?

  1. My Bobbi Brown shimmer brick broke :sad: and now I have to decide whether to purchase a new one or try a different brand? Any suggestions? I am Asian w/ olive/fair skin...thanks! :idea:
  2. NARS Laguna bronzer and NARS Multiple in Copacabana.
    The multiple is actually a highlighter and can provide colour to eyelids and lips as well. It's a light pearly shade that will give your cheekbones a little more of a lift.
  3. Chanel in the Toundra color!
  4. I was looking for a good one too...thanks for the tips
  5. I have a chanel bronzer and love it. also try MAC. I was at nordtroms this afternoon and walked by MAC and they have a great selection.
  6. guerlain terracotta bronzing powder #3
  7. I agree! I :heart: mine!
  8. I use NARS Laguna.

    I've also heard that Armani has great bronzers. I'm going to try that next.
  9. giorgio armani makes a bronzer that's reddish instead of orangish. it's like a brick color in the compact, but when you put it on, it gives you a beautiful tan color with NO orange fake tan look at all. best bronzer on the market, imo.
  10. A second vote for Guerlain "Teracotta" it's considered THE ultimate classic bronzer powder overhere !!
  11. I have a Dior bronzer that I use, but I heard Nars has good ones.
  12. I third the Guerlain. I use the #2. Another plus is that it lasts me for aaaagges!
  13. I love Fresh...but I don't know what color you would be. I think Nieman Marcus and Sephora have it.
  14. I use Guerlain's Terracotta, but also Benefit's Dallas. Dallas gives an all over glow, without being glittery. i really like it.