Great BlueFly Score -- Woo Hoo New Prada !!

  1. Ok --- I've been stalking this bag and another 10% off on it for the past few days -- same shape as the patent bag I had as my avatar for awhile. I'm still not 100% sure I'll keep it but did play that darn Project Runway game enough to get a code this am, then the bag was GONE (totally vanished, not just not available) and I thought, ok, not meant to be. Then it came back.

    I've been much too nice to myself lately so this is going to have to satisfy my every bag craving when it arrives or I'll be sending it back. Did get a great price (this time of year, Prada itself is 1/2 off but anything remotely like this has been sold out at Neimans, Bergdorffs and Prada for months).

    I did like the patent but was afraid that would seem a bit trashy/plasticy over time. I'll post pics when it arrives.
  2. Very nice. Congrats!
  3. congrats on getting it jen. i had stalked that one for weeks too. but decided to get the framed version instead.

    can i ask you what colour combo is yours? if it is smoke + slate or powder + slate, i think it is exactly the one i was after.

    can't wait to see it when it arrived.
  4. That's the one I've been looking at for DAYS!!!!

    Definitely post pix when it comes, please!
  5. Thanks for the congrats -- I figured other tPFers would be looking at this -- the grey trunk vanished pretty quickly too today.
    The color is Slate Talc ( Ivory / Grey) -- we'll see when it comes. I hope it's not too light.
    I love that framed bag you got bagpunk -- I have a framed dark brown jacquard which I love -- like the way the bag closes so easily.
  6. congrats! I was hoping someone would snatch this bag up! I saw it on bf the other day and figured that it wouldn't last long.
  7. Alouette -- I wasn't able to post much for months and look at you -- you have a beautiful baby !! Congratulations -- what a cutie !!!
  8. :flowers::flowers::shame:....Thanks soo much jenskar!!!! I haven't been around much myself since Owen was born. It seems like the only time I can post is when he's napping which isn't much or this late at night when he's sleeping! It's my reprieve for the day!

    It feels good to be back and glad you're back here also!!:tup:
  9. Good looking bag, great catch
  10. Congrats!
  11. :nuts: that's the one i wanted!!!! talc and slate!!! ooooh. please post pic when you get it and let us know if you love it!

  12. Thank you everyone !!
    Alouette -- congratulations again !! Little Owen is adorable and I can imagine you're getting some use out of the Prada bag with the bottle side pockets (not sure Miuccia was thinking in that direction, but then with all the celebrity babies, you can never be sure !!)
    I'll post pics when I get the bag -- it is a very nice Christmas/New Year prezzie !! I was so excited when it came back -- thought it was gone for good.
  13. I'm glad someone is getting some 10% codes. All I get is Nina giving me the raspberries! :p

    I've got a little something in my shopping cart right now, but no 10% off codes. :cry:
  14. The whole site is 10% off today PP though of course 10 on top of 10 would be Sweet.
    I had to play about four days in a row and then it was offered as a "consolation prize" -- I was SO consoled LOL
    Merry Merry
  15. I think it's a gorgeous bag ... can't wait to see your pics!:yes: