~Great Black Friday!~


Sep 27, 2006
Purchased some things when I went to the crazy mall today after fighting for a parking stall with these girls eyeing my friends and I down since I got the stall but I was there first!! Anyway, got a monogram shawl in champagne and an azur cles for my speedy. The other day I also purchased a mono mat shelton on ebay and so impatiently waiting for it to arrive :yahoo: .

I was going to buy the framboise inclusion bracelet but it didn't fit my wrist! :crybaby: lol need to lose a little extra weight! I asked about the transparent one though and the SA said it was sold out at all the LVs in Hawaii :confused1: . I was also debating about purchasing the pastilles but couldn't justify $350 for it just to be hanging on my bag. The SA was trying to convince me you can wear it as a bracelet also but it didn't look that great so my friend said I shouldn't get it. I was also in love with the square obsession sunglasses in the light honey but it looked a little weird on me :sad: . Spent quite a while in LV trying to decide what to get today haha.