Great Black Bag PLEEEEASE! Advice needed!

  1. I am on the hunt for a great black bag, with these specifics:
    * Preferably a one-strap shoulder bag or at least a double strap bag that both straps STAY on the shoulder (Doesn't one always want to fall off?)
    * Not HUMONGOUS! (Everyone keeps referring me to HH, but when I look at the sizes of their bags 18-20 inches wide, I am like "Whoa! Way too big!")
    * One main compartment
    * Soft leather (NOT Patent)
    * Not too heavy (I am having shoulder surgery next month, so my one good shoulder gets all the weight; I can't shift from shoulder to shoulder)
    * Please around $400 or under (I am on a serious shopping ban because of the uncoming holidays!)

    SORRY: This sounds like ALOT!

    For some reason I cannot seem to find "THE" bag.
    I bought a MONI MONI Splendor, which definitely did NOT work out, and the Dylan Linea Pelle looks like it just may be too huge. I like the bags with the double satchel handles and the optional long shoulder strap, also.

    Any advice from the experts here?
  2. I feel your pain! I've been on the hunt for my perfect black bag as well.

    I'm waiting to receive my Botkier Sasha Duffel. Have you looked at that one? It's more than your budget- retails for about $635, but I'm sure you can find a discount code.

    Or, what about Gerard Darel 24 hour bag? They are hard to find though.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to buy!!
  3. Thanks for the info.
    I tried on the Botkier Sasha Duffel IRL and it is pretty darn big!
    I have not seen the Gerard Darel bags; just did a google search and it seems that they are difficult to find.
    Do you have a link?
  4. cooper1, I think there are 2 sizes in the Sasha Duffel. I ordered the small size.

    As for Gerard Darel, check right here. There are a few pictures posted on the forum. Or, you can check it out at
  5. Ooooh, I do like that GD! But it doesn't come in Black. I have a bunch of brown/tan/rust colored bags, but I am dying for that perfect BLACK bag! (Plus I am never ordering from again; a long story....)
    Thanks anyway!

    Did you order the Sasha HOBO? The duffle looks like the big one. Then again, I may be wrong, I am definitely no expert! THANKS and have a super nite!
  6. cooper1, I read on tpf that Delcina will be carrying GD bags starting in the new year. I also want that bag in black. Bagshop told me they would be getting black ones in January.

    As for my Sasha Duffel, I should be getting it within the next couple of days. I hope it's not the big one!
  7. [​IMG]

    what about the carly from coach? it's lightweight, leather, and comes just under $400. although if you can get a PCE card it'll be 25% off. you can check the Coach subforum for details.

    or the cole haan triple zip? it's $295 plus there's a friends and family discount code for 30% off for a limited time. check the deals and steals subforum for details.[​IMG]
  8. momo43, you think the Carly is light weight? I checked it out recently and thought it was on the heavier side. I tend to carry very light weight bags (Balenciaga, for ex) although I do wear my Mulberry Bayswater which ain't lightweight :sad:

    The Cole Haan bag looks lovely!!!!!
  9. Thanks for any advice.
    I am going to check out the Carly IRL this week.

    Any more suggestions? :yes:
  10. Coach Carly is a great size and looks great on the shoulder.
  11. The Love Me in black or black crash of Belen Echandia seems to be the perfect bag for you but she's a bit more expensive.
    here's the link: oder
    I've one myself and it's the most practical bag I've ever own and I get tons of compliments.
  12. What about Hype or Tano? I have one each of those, and they're really nice bags, I think. :smile: There are a lot of cute black Hype bags on bluefly, you should check them out! FWIW, my Hype doesn't feel very heavy to me, and the leather is really nice IMO. Although keep in mind I don't have a $1000 bag to compare it to lol. Good luck, hope you find the perfect one!
  13. I just ordered my first Tano last night. I've posted about it in another thread. Alexandra at musthavebag was so great, I gave her my list of requirements (I was looking for a going out bag and I didn't want to spend a lot since it's a bag I will rarely use). She gave me a few recommendations and spent time answering all of my many questions.

    The best part is that she offers pf members $20 off any item not on sale and free shipping. The bags are not terribly expensive either.

    I have never owned a Tano but have seen a few in stores. They were very light weight and seemed great. Most of the bags are on the big side so definitely check the measurements.
  14. I'd go for a Tano bag too. :tup: