Great birthday present ideas?

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  1. Okay, usually I'm pretty good at this stuff but DH's birthday is this week and for the life of me I can't decide what to get him. He doesn't want me spending much $ on him (he's good that way :tender:) but I want to do something meaningful. Anyone given their DH or SO a present they really liked that wasn't too expensive? My brain has been racked and I still got nothin'!
  2. Maybe you can get him something you know he would like and also take him out for the day? Doing things that he would enjoy?
  3. I probably have a dirty mind...but thinking from my DH's perspective...I can think of a few meaningful things that are absolutely FREE!!!!!
  4. What are his hobbies? An up coming concert he would like to attend? Lessons of some kind (golf, guitar, etc...whatever he is into).
  5. :wtf:....:roflmfao:....:graucho:
  6. LOL, I was just talking to a friend on the phone and that's exactly what she said too :okay:
  7. Make him his favorite dinner..and give him a back massage,lol. Guys love that!
  8. I take him to the spa... It's not too much. About $200 for a couples massage. He would NEVER go unless I take him and he always loves it... he likes getting pampered and after that I make him a nice meal. I sometimes just do this on a Saturday afternoon as a surprise and he'll never get bored of it.
  9. ticket to upcoming sporting events usually does the trick...
  10. I made a miniature treasure hunt for my boy once... his brother took him out to breakfast, and while they were gone I put balloons all over his room and a card that had some funny poem about getting clean. Then in the bathroom I had set out a little gift set with shampoos etc. Also a wrapped gift that said "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL AFTER SHOWERING" inside was a shirt that said "Hug me, Its my birthday!" Then there was another card leading him outside, where I left another small gift, and where I was waiting in my car to take him to the park to feed the ducks.

    it was very simple, but he really appreciated it. And of course, you can edit the plan to include whatever you want :smile:
  11. Wow these are great ideas!!! Thank you guys so much!