Great BIN for a FORTUNY!!! 1,199 !!!

  1. The only thing is, there is major wear on the bottom corner and the top.
    If you have never seen a Fortuny IRL it may not look major, but for those who have them, or have seen them know that this sort of breakage is pretty annoying.

    anyhow, I know not everyone cares about perfection and just wants the bag!! so here's a deal for you!! Auth Fendi Fortuny Hologram Nappa Leather Spy Hobo Bag (item 190072338940 end time 20-Jan-07 23:18:05 EST)
  2. i personally think that bag is in such bag state that I would not want to buy it. It is really beaten up and even at 1199 I'd rather keep my money for something less damaged.
  3. Love the bag, but think the condition is really bad, would not pay that sort of money for that sort of condition, you really would not be able to use it. Such a shame for this to happen to such a lovely bag
  4. That color is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful! It's so sad to see that spy don't wanna say "beat up"... Okay, it's BEAT UP! Dogged! No way to treat a spy:crybaby:. The person responsible should be punished to the fullest extent of the law! However, it's pretty cool of the seller to post all of those photos so the buyer can see what they're getting.
  5. ^^ Katgrrl that is if she gets a buyer - which I doubt!
  6. I saw it on eBay and my :heart: skipped a beat at the BIN price, but then I saw the condition... :sad:

    So very very sad for such a beautiful bag.

    Personally, I'm with all of you -- I wouldn't spend the $ on such a beat up spy. :crybaby:

  7. LOL, uh-huh!
  8. I *know*--I want it SO BAD!!!!!!

    Hmm....pre-ruined, though....there is something to be said for that--no worrying about what might happen to it.

    Personally, I think she needs to way reduce the price again--also, no authenticity cards, but I can understand that--probably a lot of people who buy purses don't keep the paperwork.

    Gosh darn it...:yucky: :crybaby:
  9. I want it badly too but the damage is just too much..
  10. I have just received my Hologram which I bought on eBay its in perfect condition and was only a few 100 dollars more than this one. Another one will come along I am sure
  11. I hope so too..
  12. hey.... it sold for 999???????
  13. I cant believe it sold! My god someone obviously wanted it desperately.
  14. not too bad for $999 dont you think?