great bday gift- medium abbey

  1. This weekend I just got the shoulder version with the zip top in black w/light gold hardware(early bday present from DH!) and I'm not allowed to use it until my actual b-day but I'm having second doubts (this happens a lot!) :confused1:

    In person it is smaller than I had thought but also similar to my black nylon longchamp (the thicker nylon that is all black) I think DH may have to hold out for a bigger bag...maybe the pelham? I'm really surprised he took me to NM to get this bag b/c he already lectured me for buying the chloe silverado bag a week earlier. What do you gucci gals think? Also, is this something I should hold out for during the sales later this year or in the outlets later on? Because I don't need this RIGHT NOW and I could wait if this goes on sale. TIA
  2. Well if it dosen't feel right I would def. change it for another one :yes: And if you dont need it now, I would wait for the sales.:p
  3. yea..i might ask DH to take me to the gucci outlet in secaucus to look around there.
  4. I have the medium abbey in pink and I think it is a tad small. You should exchange since you're having doubts.
  5. i have this bag with the silver cruise leather and i don't think it's too small at all. It can hold about as much as a speedy25.