Great Bbag week!!!

  1. I have had a wonderful purse week! :yahoo: I am still new to the whole b-bag thing. (I normally yearn for LV.) I've finally been sucked in by the colors and the leather and I seem to have it quite bad! I have a new to me 2005 Chocolate City and a new to me (and very new) 2006 Blueberry City. Now I just need to figure out a way to carry both of them at the same time!! :P
    Thanks so much for letting me share!!

  2. WOW......both are beautiful!!! :yahoo: The colors and the leather look yummy. :yes:
  3. They are gorgeous - Congrats and welcome to the b-side.
  4. Well it's about time you moved to the dark side :yes: . Great bags K.
  5. That Blueberry.... :nuts:
  6. wow both bags are beautiful especially the chocolate! congrats!
  7. It took me quite some time of listening to others go on and on about the leather on the b bags to finally give in. Better late than never though!!
  8. I got my Blueberry City yesterday from BalNY and I LOVE it! Very happy I chose that color. The chocolate is yummy too! YAY for you!
  9. Very Pretty! Congrats!
  10. simply perfect!!!
  11. Congrats K! I love Chocolate 05!

    Yes, better late than never indeed... Enjoy your beautiful Bbags.

    p.s. Better stay away from LTL. She's a bad influence when it comes to Balenciaga. ;)
  12. Loving the blueberry city, great choices! Ya do have 2 arms LOL!
  13. Ms Le_Junkie - please remember, in some circles you are known as
    "The Lenabler" . I have learned from one of the very best :yes:
  14. Wow I did not know the blueberry looks that nice.
    I `m dreaming to get a teal city for a long time, but this one could
    replace the teal color.:yahoo:
  15. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    OMGosh luvshopping90! Congrats!!! Ya bags are SOOOOO yummy!!! :drool:

    There's no turning back now :P