Great Bargain or not?!

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  1. Okay, okay.. I fell in love with the Speedies lately.. I also found an Epi Petit Noe in Red and the other one in Green for 1000 HKD (That’s around USD 129).. Preloved and around 80% new.. Is it a great bargain or should I just pass?


    I haven’t tried on a Petit Noe on myself EVER before.. And considering the clothes.. What best matches an Epi Petit Noe?? TIA!

  2. If you like it and you will use it then get it! That is a great price!
  3. Thanks Danielle! I think I pretty much can use it.. But what goes nice with blue?
  4. I LOVE Blue Noe, they are tdf, that is an awesome price too, dont hesitate to get it and post pics :smile:
  5. Personally, I would let them go because 80% new means 20% used ... someone else has had the fun of the newness and that's gone forever, and you'd be buying bags that have a used look to them, with rubbing to the edges, scratches, pen marks etc.

    But that's a personal choice. I have bought two used LVs, but in both cases the seller was able to say "barely used, almost like new." I'm okay with buying a bag that's still in that condition, but not more used than that. For instance, if it was a bag with the vachetta leather, I wouldn't buy one where the leather had started darkening, whereas some people think they look better that way, and prefer to buy one in that condition. So it's really a matter of personal taste.

    One thing to remember, if you only have photos to go by, is that photos don't usually show up the full extent of any wear or damage. The seller will have chosen the pics that show the bag at its best, and you can't really blame them for that ... they want to sell it after all. Of course if you can see the bags in person, you can make the judgement much more easily. Good luck!
  6. ^We will trade in person so that I can see the full condition of the bags. :biggrin: And I asked the boutique about the repairs too, how much will it cost and if it's possible, etc. because i know, those colors are not available already. :biggrin:
  7. I love the Petit Noe! It's a great bag, go for it!
  8. I saw the bags this morning. I fell in love with the two speedies, but the petit noe is not in a great condition. No strings and a lot of discoloration. So i didn't take it.

    Here's my last purchases since I got a new job!