Great bags that we don't see everywhere we go....

  1. So now that everyone helped me with another basic bag, what bags do we LOVE that we don't and probably never will see everywhere we turn around......I don't have any of the what I consider "the Louis bag I'll never own" Louis, which is primariliy Suhali but can probably include the Denim line and the large MC bags, because at the moment anything more than $1,200 scares me, but that could change as time moves on....anyway......I do have a Blue Mono Mini Josephine, and a Mandarin Epi Speedy, I don't see them on that many people and I have to admit I LOVE IT!
  2. I've never seen a suhali in person being carried. Very rarely see manhattan gm's and I rarely see the denim collection. Although I have seen them more than the manhattan.

    (i own several demin bags and the manhattan)

    Now the speedy---I see that everyday.
  3. Where I live, I rarely see LV's at all!
    When I visit my parents in Munich, it's different of course ;) But so far, I've never seen a Hudson IRL - except mine :yahoo:
  4. I see the 'fake line' much too often where i live, but i suppose thats what you get when you live near a chav city!!! But I see my friend's virtually every day.
  5. i've seen suhalis, and manahattans,... no denims, no epi..
  6. I've never seen denim IRL!
  7. Wow, that's fun! Where I live I see sooooo many, especially Mono Canvas of course, then there are a TON of fakes out there too, so there are certain styles you just see so much between the real and the fake that you almost can't stand it anymore....I def. liked it better when I carried Louis and it wasn't as regular as it has become, oh well...
  8. That's funny, I've actually seen more denim than I would have expected lately, I'm actually kinda liking the green, mono mini turned out to be a lot of work to keep clean and I think the denim will be like that too plus they are just on the cusp of my "comfort zone" in terms of price....and then I can't help but think of the acid wash denim purses of the 80's when I see these. Don't get me wrong, I think all Louis is beautiful, but not everything is right for everyone....
  9. OMG, now that's one of the cutest kitties I've ever seen! (in your profile picture)
  10. Yeah, I too have flashbacks of acid wash when I see denim purses :lol: . I have to agree...all LV is TDF but I just can't get into the denim at all. So I guess that means more LV denim for the rest of y'all :girlsigh: :flowers:
  11. Thanks! I was a little worried writing that, but we're all entitled to our opinion, and that was the first thing I thought when I had the denim in my's like how the skinny jeans and leggings are becomming popular again but with much more of an commitment, I had a pair of leggings on the other day under a dress and I just couldn't do it, had to take them off!
  12. Where in Germany do you live, GerGirl? I live in Prichsenstadt (north-western Bavaria: LK Kitzingen) and I see LV all the time. Needless tos ay none of them are real...but..yeah :smile:

    I've never seen any of the Denim bags carried :smile:
  13. i actually hardly ever see LVs in person either. and when i do, it's always mono and either a cabas or a speedy.

    my favorite "not everywhere" bag is the pont neuf. i WILL own one someday. :love:
  14. Around here the only one I ever see is Mono or fake MC bags.
    I finally saw a denim ne speedy being carried in Vegas and a real MC Alma, also Vegas.
    Never seen Suhali or even Epi except in boutiques and I've never seen any runway pieces being carried.
  15. I see many fakey fakies. I never see suhali. I never see manhattan or hudson. I see speedy and poppincourt and papillon. That's it really. Saw a really hideous denim speedy fake thing at Nordstroms with some kind of weird feet on it!!!