Great bag...

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  1. USD80 for international shipping?!?
  2. You've got to be kidding me. What, is she sending a gold bar with it also???:wtf:
  3. is it a caramel '05?
    80$ shipping maybe by fedex or USPS? i have someone shipped me a b bags from canada for around 90USD, i'm in asia.. but it think shipping from US should be far cheaper, especially with USPS...
  4. The pictures are lousy. But if it is in flawless condition, I think it is still a good deal unless it gets bid up at the last minute.
  5. That's still a crazy amount for shipping from the US to Canada, even if it is with UPS (especially if I have to pay taxes and sky-high UPS brokerage fees on top). It had better get to my place Yesterday for that price. JMO :smile:
  6. Did someone here win this beatiful bag?? It ended at a good price!