Great bag "trade" day!

  1. I went appliance shopping today with a friend. She showed up with her MC Speedy. I had my black Balenciaga. We decided to trade bags for the day. She looked great carrying my BBag and I looked fantastic with her MC Speedy on my arm.

    Hmmm...might have to look into getting one of those:graucho:
  2. Ohhhh you MUST!!! I have one in black MC and LOVE it :smile: Although...those yummy Bbags always catch my eye!
  3. That's awesome! You should def. get the MC Speedy!!! :yes:
  4. Oh my gosh, aren't those MC Speedys BEAUTIFUL! :drool:

    You should definitely get one.

    Every LV lover HAS to have an MC Speedy in their collection. :biggrin:

    What color MC Speedy did she have? .... Black or White?
  5. ohhh MC speedy! yum!

    My college roommate and i used to share bags. She was into Fendi and Prada and I have a lot of Gucci and LV, so between the two of us, we had a bag for every occasion! I think that's the only thing I miss about having roommates!
  6. you totally have to get one. the MC speedy is gorgeous.
  7. I agree that every LV lover needs a MC speedy! I just wish I got mine before the price went over 2K!
  8. That sounds fun. I wish more of my friends had "higher end" bags to trade off.

    You really should get a MC Speedy. Maybe you and I could trade for a day! :happydance:

  9. She had Black! I was wearing a black silk blouse with very subtle threads of different colors running through it and white city shorts. I have to admit ...I looked good!:smile:

  10. She only has one because her husband won big in Vegas about a year ago. She's not "into" bags like I am (I still like her though...:roflmfao:). She'll carry it for YEARS...that's why she bought black.
  11. Wow :nuts: you've a very nice friend
  12. Great friend!!! My friends aren't into designer bags. :sad:
  13. That's so neat, I wish I had a friend who was into nice bags.
  14. The MC speedy is Fabulase.
  15. Gorgeous bag - get one if you can!