Great bag sale on Amazon!

  1. I just got an AC Lady Duffle in butterscotch and a Rachel Nasvik Tabitha in Petrol for $436 total shipped!

    The AC Lady Duffle is $226, Le Tote Sac is $251 and Miss Zipper Satchel is $191.

    The Rachel Nasvik Tabitha is $210, Penelope is $170, Sadie is $260 and Ava Wristlet is $40.

    Add that to the HH Pastis I bought yesterday for $163 and I am on a bag ban for a long time....
  2. Yay, I got the lady duffel in butterscotch. I've always loved this bag and this color. So excited. Endless pm'd for $223 shipped
  3. Great deals...I do love both my AC's!!!!!!
  4. The one I want says :"currently unavailable" hoo!
  5. Cool! Where did you buy the Pastis?
  6. From HH directly -- it's part of their bi-annual sale. It was $163 down from $333.
  7. Thanks dmnyc!!!

    I just got a Cynthia Rowley Colleen Two satchel for $112! I've been looking for an inexpensive, basic black leather bag for ages, but nothing has caught my eye. It was so cheap that I can buy another bag now (or maybe two) :graucho:
  8. same here :sad: