Great bag sale at!

  1. Hello ladies, follow this link to their handbag sale at shopfrosting. They are on Lucky magazines list of favorite sites. I just picked up the Bulga pudding bag-great buy! They have quite a few nice bags on sale. happy shopping!:yes: - Homepage
  2. Thanks for the link. They have some cute jewely and bags! Ugh! I can't afford it. Need to fix my van! :crybaby: I'll have to keep them in mind in the future.
  3. ugh!! so many bags I want!! stupid spending ban!

    Thanks for posting about the site though! I hadn't heard of it.
  4. tnx for the tip!
  5. I was *this* close to buying a Bulga Butterfly tote this morning, but then I bought a Botkier Crosby satchel instead :p I wish I could have them both! Off to go eBay more stuff.....LOL
  6. Thanks for posting this. I'd never heard of this website before. I actually bought a necklace I'd been eyeing for quite some time. It's still being sold on the designers website for $98, but this site had it for $49. So I had to snap one up!
  7. Great-the Bulga bag that I bought at half off is still full price on the other websites that I've looked at as well!:yes:
  8. So tempted to get the bulga bag :graucho:
  9. Which one? There are several...I got the pudding in the turqouise color for the sping/summer; it also came in chocolate!:yes:
  10. think both colors in the pudding tote are gone! you ladies are fast. looking at the bulga butterfly bag, too!
  11. I have the smaller size of that one in teal and it is so soft, and very lghtweight to carry!:smile:
  12. i'm about to order the medium multi-zip bag keke... I think they all look nice but I prefer to have a bag that I can wear on my shoulders...
  13. I really want the Crescent tote, but I already have that exact blue in the Pudding tote. I don't need 2 bags of the same exact color. Too bad that's the only color they have. Now I'm debating whether to get the buttefly tote. Not sure if it'll look way too big on my frame. Anyone has it?
  14. Check out the site. They had two Bulga bags on sale as well as some Botkier and an extra 20% off with code "Toutie::roflmfao:
  15. Thanks JNH! I've already seen the bulga bags on jessieboutique, but that crescent tote is a bit different from the one on frosting, and the style on frosting is the one i really want but not in that blue since i have that exact color already.