Great AUTHENTIC Tokidoki finds eBay or other retailer!

  1. Please post any sales or hard to find, etc. . . AUTHENTIC tokidoki deals in this thread.
  2. ooh yay! new sticky thread
  3. I was just at the Leohmann's in NY at the Chelsea location. On the new arrivals stand, there were a whole lot of Tokidoki bags on sale.
  4. What styles were on sale? And for around how much, do you remember?
  5. lol annew.. we tpfers need details! :graucho:lol... so like what was on sale! do tell!! :nuts:
  6. I just called the Loehmann's in Northville, Michigan, which is on my way home - sort of. The SA knew which bags I was talking about when I asked about LeSportsac, and she said "oh, those ones with the colorful characters all over?" :smile:

    I am going to stop in after work, and see what they have. She said they have a lot of the larger bags in, and the smaller ones went rather quickly but there are a few left.

    I'll let you know what I find out!
  7. Yes yes :yes: do tell!! Sharing is caring :biggrin:
  8. ack .. everywhere temptation. Yes please let us know what they had :yes: (if u can remember .. hehe)

    I really must stop buying tho. I've thought about returning my pirata zucca to Macy's .. never used it and I don't think I need 2 bags in that print ...
  9. I had stopped by Loehmann's on Sunday and there was a whole table of Tokidokis with the sign "New Arrivals". I saw at about 3 Citta Treninos (none with the girls on the back) and at least 4 Citta Rosa Treninos and I think they were about $195. There were over 10 Citta Scuolas and I think they were around $119. Then there were almost a table full of Arancia Scuolas, Mamma Mias (I think that's what they were, because they looked smaller than the Buon Viaggios) and one Ciao Ciao. I don't remember the prices of these Arancias but they were similar to what I had seen at Century 21 or Filene's.

    Didn't see any Tokis at the other Loehmann's on 73rd Street, but then again, that is a smaller location and these things can change daily.
  10. ooh thanks Legnofan!
  11. You're welcome TokidokiAngel.
    And a correction about the Arancias: there were Zuccas, not Scuolas.
  12. Wow! They must have dumped things off in these two locations in Michigan!!! The Northville Loehmann's had the following:

    3 Citta Trenino
    2 Citta Rosa Trenino
    1 Foresta Trenino
    1 Citta Nuvola
    8 Citta Scuola
    1 Arancia Zucca
    1 Arancia Ciao Ciao
    1 Arancia BV
    1 Arancia Nuvola
    1 Citta Portatelefono
    2 Foresta Braccialetto (is that the name?)
    1 Citta Baccialetto (?)
    1 Citta Canguro
    1 Foresta Canguro
  13. ooo foresta braccialetto... how much was it? take pics! mwah ha ha ha mew... I swear I'm not gonna spend anymore but I want to see :biggrin: