Great Article on RM & Enviro Friendly Bags

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  1. I just got my new Elle in the mail today and on page 192 is a very cool short article about the collaboration between Rebecca and Bijou Phillips and their enviroment friendly new bags:woohoo:. They are going to release an adorable canvas bag exclusively on shopbop this month and have made a gorgeous plum Monterey bag that is TDF! I am so excited to know about this!! Check it out if you get the chance.:tup:
  2. I thought I would try to post a pic of the article so everyone could read it so here goes. I may need one of you to work your photo magic to make it readable though.

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  3. ^^^^ WOW that is a really cool article! I like the fact that they're using skins from animals that have been used for meat. I also really like that grocery shopping tote. Give me wine and bread and that's ALL I NEED! (maybe a little cheese and chocolate too though). I also really like the idea of a 'rough 'n tough' bag that you don't have to worry about messing up or ruining!!! GREAT WORK REBECCA AND BIJOU! can't wait to see these!!!
  4. These sound so cool--I can't wait to see them!
  5. Oh yes, I can bring information about this now!!
  6. YaY!!:yahoo: I can't wait to hear more about them. I loved that the article showed her concerns about the enviroment and how she is incorporating eco friendly designing and construction. I will be buying as many bags from this line as I can.:tup:
  7. Tatertot, thanks so much for posting this! I can't wait to see these on the website! Really cool of RM!

    Megs, can't wait to learn more about this...!
  8. Oooh! Can't wait to hear it!
  9. OOh, Im looking forward to this!:yes:
  10. I'm dying Megs... Please give us some hints about the new collaboration:flowers: