GREAT..another Limited Edition bag I fell in love with too late!

  1. Okay so after seeing Kim Kardashian with the Dentelle Fersen I totally want one. I see a lot on eBay and stuff. I was just wondering what the retail on it was...I dont like paying too much more than retail. Any tips on spotting fakes and what retail on this bag was??

    Thanks time theres a limited edition, just tell me to buy it, if i hate it now, I'll be DYING for it in about 8 months to a year. :push:
  2. LOL! I know what you mean!

    Not sure about retail on the Fersen.. but I do really adore the Dentelle BH.. I love the treated leather used to make them as opposed to untreated vachetta.
  3. lol I'm dying. I can't stop thinkin about it.
    I want the

    Dentelle Fersen
    (Dentelle Kirsten) (or whatever the small bag is)
    Cerises Speedy
    Monogram Stephen

    and then I'll be all good and set on LE
  4. The Fersen is one of my FAV bags..its GORGEOUS irl. I can not remember how much it was!! $2400??? Some one will chime in soon! I hope you can find one!!
  5. I think it is $2470.00 I was so close to getting it in when I was in Las Vegas in June. I still love it and I have seen a few on eBay for around that price.
  6. I leant that lesson the hard way too

    Good luck on finding it

    the fakes I've seen are usually pretty bad on the floral pattern it just doesn't look right
  7. Yup its a beautiful bag

  8. What with the 'added doilies' xD lmao
  9. haha I learned that leson too that's why I now try to get things early before is too late...
  10. I feel your pain:crybaby:. Completely missed out on Mono Stephen & just can't stomach the 2nd market prices (not to mention the fact that I've got fake bag phobia & can't sleep if I buy anywhere other than the boutique). I hope you're able to get your lovely Dentelle.
  11. Such a gorgeous bag! Whenever I go to my mall with the LV in it, there's this lady that I always see that has one... toooo pretty!
  12. Yup ... learned my lesson with the cherry blossoms and cerises ... hope you find that bag ... good luck!
  13. ^^is it crazy over priced?? I notice dentelle sells for under retail or retail. Must not be that high of a demand.
  14. I've learned that lesson as well...good luck finding one!! It's a pretty bag!