"GREASE" Stain -- GASP!

  1. OK - I have a real problem! I went to Vermont this weekend and took my Trim and GP. Trim usually just gets tossed in the backseat along with rest of the stuff and does very well.

    Now -- here is my dilemma. I stopped at a cider mill and bought a bag of TD4 apple cider donuts. The Trim fell over in a sharp stop and sat on the donut bag for the rest of the 3-hr ride home -- and now has a donut-shaped "spot" on the front!!

    WHAT DO I DO???? :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    Leather is clemence - gold with white top stitching.
  2. :wtf: I would contact Claude the craftsman at N.Y.,....right away, before you do anything.:Push:
  3. Thanks, Avan -- that's what I get for eating donuts...although they did tell me that they used only soy-based vegetable oils and no trans fats (it was Vermont, after all....).

    Do I just call the main Hermes Madison Ave number and ask for Claude??
  4. That is what I would do. There is one more expert craftsman, but I can not remember his name at the moment. Good luck.:flowers:
  5. the other is pierre.
  6. I would rub Talcum Powder or cornstarch on the stain and see if it soaks it up....but that's just me, I'm a bit of a stain-remaval gal......!

    Good Luck, Funny.
  7. So sorry to hear that Funny! I would definitely call Claude and see what can be done. You might be able to use a leather cleaner or something? :shrugs:
  8. OMG - my first thought is HOW HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY hope you get it out - best of luck...I'd be panicking! :sad:

    But, and if were any other bag other than an Hermes bag, you made me giggle when you said: "That's what I get for eating donuts"...you are a funnyredhed!

    Seriously though...good luck! :yes:
  9. Oh well I hope you have good luck with this!! The donuts sound yummy btw! Hope you had a nice weekend!
  10. Damn Donuts!!!

    I hope it comes out.
  11. Oh no! Sorry that happened to you, FRH, but fresh apple-cider donuts are sooooo worth it! We have a cider mill about 15 minutes from our house and the donuts at this time of year are *almost* worth risking the stain. Corn starch is a great idea if you want to do it yourself, though. But, if in doubt, send the bag to NYC. Good luck and let us know what happens!
  12. At least call the store as soon as it opens and ask for advice...212-751-3181
    (This is crazy...:nuts: but now I am craving donuts!!!:P
    so I'm off to get some!:wlae: ):lol:
  13. hope your bag will be ok!!!!! :crybaby:
  14. Ack! I hope it all comes out!
    Let us know.

    Fingers crossed for you
  15. Sorry to hear that funnyredhead! I agree wi. Avandome - contact Claude or your local Hermes asap!