Grease Paint Yoyo's w/Stacked 110mm heel?...

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  1. Ive never seen 110's either, just 85's and 100's. I was just looking at the red ones
  2. That exact version was exclusive to CL Horatio St. boutique. Was available as of a few months back. Well I guess NGG bought all the remaining pairs and they are on ebay now.

    Colors available were: black, beige, red. HTH!
  3. Cheesus!
  4. I guess CL doesn't mind reseller since they sell to her in bulk all the time.
  5. :love:
  6. Do they sell to her in bulk? Like a wholesaler? I dont understand how someone can buy that many CLs at once. And looking at her completed auctions, they hardly ever sell! Do they DO wholesale, or is she just jacking up the prices because she paid full price?

    I put those greasepaint yoyos (IN MY SIZE OMGOMG) on my watch list. If she ever gets desperate and drops her price about $500 I will be all over them like a fat kid on cake.
  7. ^^^ She almost never drops her prices! Its rediculous and a lot of girls here won't buy from her