Grease on my signature Carly - wahh!!

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  1. I think I got some kind of subway grease/dirt on my signature Carly. Now what! The SA at Coach wasn't sure if the signature cleaner would get grease out so she suggested warm water with a mild soap (woolite).
    A little nervous about using plain old soap.
  2. Good luck getting it out!
  3. Wow, I hope you can get it out!!! Let us know what happens.
  4. I'm too afraid to try to get the stain out with the soap. I guess I will try eventually.

    It is my savior and you can use it on everything from clothes, carpet, to dishes. I think it is pretty mild and while I have not used it on coach fabric yet, it works really well!

    You can get it at most grocery stores for under $5.
  6. I had a nasty dark mark (likely grease) on my carly and was able to get it out with a little bit of effort.

    I used some Dawn dishsoap and warm water - made it all sudsy, then wet a washcloth and rubbed the bag. When it didn't work, I tried a bit of the mixture and I took Mokoni's advice (See
    and used an old electric toothbrush (Crest Spinbrush) and worked that around the stain too. It took about three cleanings, but it's finally gone.

    I think the combination of the Dawn (removes grease from everything!), and the spinbrush worked the best.