grease on my leather chloe! help!!!!!!

  1. so my boyfriend put a some fast food too close to my purse and today i´ve found a little grease stain on my beige Paddington Capsule!!!! :crybaby:
    how can i clean it??? anybody has any tips? i´m desperate!
  2. When I got oil on a leather bag, I rubbed cornstarch on it with my thumb until it picked up some of the oil (the heat from your fingers and the friction help loosen it up and get it is absorb). If you don't have cornstarch, try baby powder. That worked to lighten it up - at the very least.

    Hope that helps!
  3. thanks kelly! i will certainly try that right away!!!
  4. It take a while to see any results, so be patient - better still - HAVE YOUR BOYFRIEND DO IT!
  5. I had hot buttered popcorn fall on my leather Andrea Breuckner. I was able to get it all out. I used a similar cornstarch method. I plastered on a thick coating of cornstarch and pressed it in. Made it really thick. Then I took a heated lightbulb and warmed the spot for 10 minutes or so. Dustbustered the cornstarch off and then Took an old toothbrush and brushed it out. I repeated this method twice left the cornstarch on overnite the second time and it got it all out and it was a pretty large oily butter stain on washed deerskin leather.
    Good luck. Here's my old thread about it.
  6. you guys are really the best!
  7. Maiga, did it help?
  8. i am at work right now, but as soon as i get home i´ll try it!!!

    (worst case scenario i got a couple of phone numbers from the Chloé office which, they assured, will be able to remove the stain)

    thanks again girls!
  9. Don't mean to sound really studpid, but Lexie, when you plastered on thick cornstarch, does that mean you used lots of cornstarch and a little bit of water? If so, I'm just surprised the water didn't affect the results.

    Maiga, I'm so glad you brought this question up because I sure learned something new today :idea:
  10. NO WATER!! At least I did not use any...

  11. Oh, I'm sorry. I should have clarified. As Kelly says...NO WATER! LOL
    Just a thick quarter sized layer of cornstarch.
    Also probably the faster you attempt to get the stain out the better the results. I did mine about 3 hours after the event (I had to sit through the movie).
  12. If it's been on there too long and you can't get it out with the cornstarch I would send it to LMB...they can remove anything.