Grease on my bag help!

  1. I went to the football last night and the after match meal was a an indian buffet, with freshly fried crisps- but I got grease splattered all over my bag! HELP how can I get it out, it was on my little monogram pochette bag. But it matches about 3 pairs of my gucci shoes, I dont want it ruined.

    :sad:And we lost the match!!!
  2. Oh no I am so sorry to hear that. Could you take it to Gucci or a professional cleaner? Post pics as well, I hope it isn't too bad.
  3. Ouch! People have suggested using babywipes, and Coach fabric cleaner. I used Spot Remedy from Forever New (not sure if they've it in Australia), and it worked magic.

    Good luck!
  4. baby wipes should do the trick.

    i use lysol wipes. is yours a canvas bag? if so, dab the spot gently. don't rub it as it'll ruin the canvas. if the grease stains are very apparent, you might have to clean it a few more times.