Gray/White Color Family...Pics Only!

  1. Please post any photos of Hermes bags in the related color family as titled.

    Please indicate the color name and leather in which you are posting.

    The purpose of this thread is to view color as it takes on the various leather types offered.

    This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. The new parchment colour in swift >> AW 2007
    Patchment Swift Kelly Flat.jpg.jpg
  3. picolo (pencil case) leather = chevre mysore, colour = etoupe

  4. my white clemence taurillon and etoupe clemence taurillon:shame:
    white and etoupe birkin.JPG
  5. white epsom:

    found on luxwear website:

  6. 30cm Graphite Box Calf with GHW
    Graphite in natual light.jpg Graphite in natural light 2.jpg Graphite near the balcony door.jpg
  7. 30cm Bi-material White Clemence & Toile Birkin

    Photo Credit: nyfashionexpert (eBay)
    Bi-material White Clemence & Toile Birkin.jpg
  8. Tricia's 32cm Etoupe HAC in Chevre Coromendal leather :drool:

  9. graphite vision II with blue jean interior, veau rodeo

  10. Gris Tourterelle in Togo:heart:

    Photo Credit: nyfashionexpert (eBay)
    Gris Tourterelle Togo.jpg
  11. White Swift/Olive Toile

    Photo Credit: mightykismet




  12. Graphite in Porosus Croc

    Photo Credit: mightkismet (eBay)

  13. Etoupe in Togo :88caviar
  14. 25cm Lizard Birkins

    Photo Credit: mika's blog (thanks to pazt for posting it on the forum)

    Thank you, tokyogirl for your help in translating the names. Thank you all about bags for the spelling of Blanc Casse.

    - Orange
    - Violet
    - Rouge Moyen
    - Noir / Black
    - Blanc Casse
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  15. Evelyne in Etoupe
    Hermès 004.jpg