Gray quartz phoebe

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  1. Does this bag come in large? if so does anyone have number and color to search for it?
  2. Hi! I found the color code...SVBTW. Sorry - I cannot find if it came in the regular size or not. Hopefully someone can tell you!
  3. I see one on ebay that's in a different gray (listed as Pebble Gray), not Grey Quartz, in a Large:

    I think I was told the Needlepoint OP Art Phoebes also came in large (though I only have/have only seen the small, so this might have been a while ago and no longer available), and here's a gray one listed as large, though the description sounds off because it refers to it as a "compact version" of Phoebe (which I would assume is referring to a small?) But the higher MSRP, as well as the dimensions seem right for a large, so I dunno - sorry I couldn't answer your original question :smile:
  4. Pebble gray and gray quartz are different colors from two different "seasons" of Phoebe. Pebble grey only came in the regular size, and I'm quite certain grey quartz only came in the Small. The needlepoint fabric and leather version does come in both sizes as far as I know.
  5. I've seen grey quartz in the regular size on Coach's website but unsure of whether it was on the Asia sites only.