gray patent rolando and wine rolando, small sizes

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  1. Just got back from White Plains and went to NM. Very disappointing. But Barneys was right next door.

    They have gray patent rolando in 36 and 37 I think
    and wine patent rolando, can't remember, also small sizes in that range

    I can't find the card. I had them mark down the sizes with the SA name and phone number. I will keep trying to find it. If anyone is interested, you should call them.

    Sorry I am such a ditz!
  2. Ooooo wine Rolandos (maybe) in a 37 :drool: Talk about tempting a girl to break a ban :devil:. Just as well NM don't ship internationally or I would HAVE to have them :roflmfao:. Guess I'll keep trawling Ebay (no harm in looking after all ;))
  3. I am interested in the grey rolandos...was it a Co-op? I can't find the number on
  4. sorry...I found it-it is a co-op!
  5. yes I am pretty sure it was a co-op. Sorry didn't realize it was different. I think the girls name was Nancy. Good luck!
  6. stupid me, I just found it if anyone else wants to know. Nancy at Barney's co-op, # 914-304-4102.
    Sizes are red style # 5015 36, 36.5, 7
    Grey stlye #5014, size 36 and 37.
  7. Barneys Co-op in Houston also had the grey patent Rolandos, in the small sizes, if anyone is interested.
  8. Do they have Rolandes?
  9. Small sizes, no good for me.
  10. sweet! just snagged the 37 wine rolandos!! :yahoo:
  11. I don't think I have seen gray!.... VERY tempting
  12. Thankfully too small for my giant feet!
  13. This color is just gorgeous, gorgeous!!! You will love them (if you can walk in them:P)
  14. Thanks Lor.... Those are divine