Gray patent Downtown...oh my!!!!

  1. Hi guys! As I have really just been a bit of a lurker the past month or so I just had to post about the beauty I saw at YSL in NYC. Heading home from the dentist and just having to have to pass YSL...well something mysteriously drew me into the store. Probably the amazing lace up platform oxfords in the window. As I went to look for them and get a glimpse of their beauty there it was...sitting amazing gray patent Downtown. I don't even remember grabbing it off the shelf but I have to say it is fabulous!!! I have always wanted a gray bag and with the gold hardware...OMG!!! I already have the navy blue patent Downtown which I love, love, love . Anyone interested in the gray it's at the YSL on Madison/71st. Sorry for the long post!!!!
  2. congrats! it sounds so great!
  3. Thanks but it didn't go home with me :sad:... I just couldn't after already getting the navy.
  4. Woooow! That must be just perfect! I need a gray bag. I have a black buffalo one, but really love the style of the Downtown that much, that I don't mind having almost the same bag.
    Thanks for the info labellavida
  5. Wht is the retail price in the US? I'm thinking abt getting one also. However, its so much expensive here in Thailand.

    Anyone has got pic of gray patent? I'm eager to see!!!:rolleyes:
  6. Wow, the gray patent Downtown sounds great. I'm so excited to see all the new fall colors.

    And we're still waiting to see a pic of your navy patent Downtown!!!!
  7. Wooow, grey or navy patent must look really gorgeous. Would love to see them both!
  8. I am on the hunt for a grey bag as well. It's such a yummy color for fall.
    And do please post pics of your navy patent - sounds incredible!!
  9. Would love to see a picture of it! :drool:
  10. I know...I know...I'm the worst when it comes to taking pics. I will post pics by tomorrow!!!! :smile:
  11. Grey? Now that sounds interesting.
  12. i'd love to see a pic of the gray patent...
  13. I'll have to check out the grey downtown this week at the YSL store you mentioned. Thanks!