gray or whiskey edith?

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  1. help help! what to do? I Finally got on the list for the NM whiskey edith. Bergdorfs has emailed me saying i could get on the list for the gray.

    which color should i go for? i tend to wear a lot of black....
  2. If you wear a lot of black I'd go with the grey. I don't wear a lot of black and I'd still get the grey over the whiskey.
  3. If it's between these two, would go for the whiskey. It's a nice contrast to the black. You don't want to look like you just stepped out of a black and white's a bit "blah." The whiskey has some red to it which is just beautiful. But if you are going "formal" the grey might be better. Rumor is there might be a black coming down the pipeline...
  4. I'd chose grey just because it'd go with my wardrobe better.
  5. i'm not sure if i've seen the grey, but the whiskey is such a great color, so warm, i would go w/ that one.
  6. Here you go...

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  7. okay, wiskey definitely, i just think it fits the bag way better. I think that gray looks better on structure bags.
  8. The whiskey just seems to "suit" the bag. It's and bags seem to have one particular color that just really fits. I fell in love with the whiskey as soon as I saw the magazine ad. Had to have it. Just wish it would GET HERE already!
  9. I actually like the look of the grey Edith more than the whiskey. The whiskey is better for the paddy, in my opinion.
  10. I think whiskey looks better.
  11. The pocket in the front just doesn't go with the grey (IMO). If it didn't have the pocket, different story.

    I like the whisky better for this particular bag.
  12. Here is a picture from the LVR site- I like the look of the gray in this picture. My worry about the whiskey is that someone mentioned it reminded them of those 1970's hippie bags and now i can't get that out of my head!

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  13. Whiskey seems like it would wear better across seasons. The light grey seems "spring" to me.
  14. My advice and sort of what I'm doing - Get on the list for both and then return whichever one you like less. Then you won't be second guessing yourself! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: And maybe you'll end up keeping both! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  15. I thought I wouldn't like the grey but after seeing these pics, it's not bad. Although, I'm not liking the black stitching on it - just looks awkward and funny.

    Taking everything into account, I'd have to say I prefer the Whiskey.