gray or whiskey edith?


Feb 24, 2006
help help! what to do? I Finally got on the list for the NM whiskey edith. Bergdorfs has emailed me saying i could get on the list for the gray.

which color should i go for? i tend to wear a lot of black....
If it's between these two, would go for the whiskey. It's a nice contrast to the black. You don't want to look like you just stepped out of a black and white's a bit "blah." The whiskey has some red to it which is just beautiful. But if you are going "formal" the grey might be better. Rumor is there might be a black coming down the pipeline...
The whiskey just seems to "suit" the bag. It's and bags seem to have one particular color that just really fits. I fell in love with the whiskey as soon as I saw the magazine ad. Had to have it. Just wish it would GET HERE already!
Here is a picture from the LVR site- I like the look of the gray in this picture. My worry about the whiskey is that someone mentioned it reminded them of those 1970's hippie bags and now i can't get that out of my head!


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My advice and sort of what I'm doing - Get on the list for both and then return whichever one you like less. Then you won't be second guessing yourself! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: And maybe you'll end up keeping both! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
I thought I wouldn't like the grey but after seeing these pics, it's not bad. Although, I'm not liking the black stitching on it - just looks awkward and funny.

Taking everything into account, I'd have to say I prefer the Whiskey.