Gray or black Chloe for a mom?

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  1. i am going to get either the gray or black Marcie, but can’t decide which! I think gray will go with more of my clothes and will work better for my weekend outfits in the summer (Jean shorts and a tank). However, I have two young kids and want the bag to stay looking clean and to be carefree. Which one should I get???
  2. I'm a bigger fan of the black marcie due to the casual nature of the bag; black leather with gold hardware is an ever-so-slightly dressier combination than the grey; and I like that they make my casual outfits not look AS sloppy, if that makes any sense. Black + gold hardware combination makes me feel just slightly more "expensive". :amuse:

    Black is always going to be the most carefree color! :biggrin: That goes without saying.
    And I do think that black goes with absolutely everything. I have a grey bag and I rarely use it... But our wardrobes are probably quite different. I'd say to go with what you love more, because grey and black are both considered neutrals and should both be extremely easy to wear. And the bag overall is quite carefree, in terms of wear and tear, the leather is lovely but so soft, causing creases. Black will make the creases less obvious, while with grey, they'll be more visible. I just took a look at some AMAZING deals on the preloved market for brand new / excellent condition and they're half price off retail!
  3. I have the bag in black in the small size and love the look of the black with the gold and I have to say I am not a gold person. I always love silver but for some reason the contrast of gold and black is rich looking. I love this bag!
  4. Honestly I'd go with the black one if you have young kids. The first exploding/dribbling/squished juice or water, you'll be grateful. Never mind the first carsick, the first oopsie with a marker or crayon, or the first knock mommy's purse to the ground accidentally while playing. I can think of 100 more scenarios, lol!
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  5. Black! Classic, goes with everything...and much easier to keep clean. :biggrin:
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