Gray nail polish

  1. I've been wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge in Asphalt Jungle and I love it! I bought the last bottle in my local beauty shop. I thought it might be ugly, but it's actually pretty on and a few people have complimented me on it.

    Do any other brands make gray (not silver) polish?
  2. I've never seen any, but I'd love to try it! :nuts:
  3. Wow, is it like a graphite color? I love grey...
  4. Any pics to share? I'd love to see how it looks IRL! I still love the black NP trend, I can only imagine that grey is just as cool. :tup:
  5. Hmmmm, interesting. I thought it would be a dark, graphite gray which is what I'm looking for.
  6. That is pretty. To me its a silver/grey though?
  7. Oh, wow! I would never have thought to use a grey color, but now I want to try it.
  8. I saw this in Vouge.. This is the new "it" color apparently. please post pics if u can!!
  9. oops - vogue*
  10. I have chanel noir ceramic from last year and it looks like a deeph graphite color, not quite black black....
  11. Interesting.... I think you have to see it IRL...
  12. Ohhh, it's more of a Concrete gray. It is pretty, but it wasn't what I was expecting. I thought it would be a glossy, non-metallic dark gray. I like the one you posted though-- it's probably a lot more wearable than what I was thinking of....
  13. Looks like a nice colour!! The only varnish close to grey I own is OPI's My Private Jet, which as you may already know, is a dark, gunmetal grey with holo. I'd love to try the one you posted though!
  14. China Glaze's Eco collection that comes out in the beginnning of march will have a grey creme called Recycle, it's very pretty.

    CND makes a gunmetal shimmery grey-black called Hyde in the dark which is gorgeous!