Gray Miu Miu from Kirsten Dunst Campaign

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  1. ah yes, that darling bag :tender:.


    It's called the Nappa Charm Bag. MyTheresa has it up for sale:
    It comes in pink, grey and apprently also in black and purple.

    As you can see from my ticker, it is my dream bag right now. Which I cannot buy since I'm on a stupid ban. :sad:!!!! I think I might just go ahead and break it! :hysteric:
  2. yeah it's wonderful...thank you so much!
  3. hi guys! i am looking for this bag in the pink! if anyone sees it in the US please let me know thanks!
  4. I think it will be up on Net a Porter soon, at least thats what a little bird told me, although they often get in random colours at NAP...
  5. thanks i guess no one's seeing it in any saks or NM stores? i know the miu miu stores are sold out...:*(
  6. i would love to know if anyone has seen these bags in the US lately! are they really all sold out already? i know mytheresa has the pink one but it seems marked up in price ($1317). :Push:
  7. hmm for some reason i can't edit my last post^ but i wanted to say that i found out this bag comes in 2 sizes. the larger one is the one in the ad with kirsten dunst, and it's $1345 retail. i think mytheresa has the smaller size (but i'm not 100% sure) and it's $1240 retail in the US.
  8. where can i find a gray one? thanks!
  9. ^^ i saw a grey one at the miu miu boutique in soho about 2 weeks ago!
  10. yes i think they have the large size there (the one in the kirsten dunst pic). how was it in IRL, awong10? did you try it on at all?
  11. yep, i saw it there yesterday. it's not sold out at the boutiques just yet.
  12. I love this bag too. How is it IRL?